11th December 2016
  • Cycling Campaign Members
  • Try Chester’s Traffic-free Routes

    Cycling Chester's traffic-free paths and routes is a great family activity that won't break the bank!
  • Mickle Trafford Extension to the Greenway

    Cycle For Commuting and Leisure

    The Millennium Greenway is a handy means of getting out for some fresh air and exercise.
  • Chopper Bike

    Urban Bike Style

    Pimp your ride. Let your bike express your style. Let's bring Amsterdam bike chic to Chester!
  • Get Fit! Get Active! Join the Fun!

    For fun or fitness, cycling is the cheapest, greenest, and healthiest form of transport.
  • Join the Chester Cycling Campaign

    Let's create a better, greener city and promote cycling as a safe and attractive transport option.
  • Lycra Not Necessary

    Express yourself with your bike! No special cycling gear is needed.     Photo credit: Charlotte Horn

Family Bike Rides