Attend This Collaboration Event with University of Chester Bicycle User Group!

A leading member of the University of Chester Bicycle User Group, who is also a member of the Cycling Campaign, is keen to promote cycling as a means of transport between the various University campuses and accommodation locations for new students coming to the University for the 2017/18 academic year. To that end she has organised a special practical workshop to help create a ‘Tubemap’ of cycle routes in Chester.

The ‘Tubemap’ was introduced at a regional cycle campaign activists’ meeting organised by Cycle UK (previously known as Cyclists Touring Club) in Crewe recently. A ‘Tubemap’ is a way to diagrammatically represent cycle routes between different areas in a simple fashion,similar to how undergound railway routes are presented by Transport for London in their world famous tube map.

An example of such a ‘Tubemap’ produced by Bath Cycle Campaign can be seen by clicking on this link.

The workshop is to be held at Chester University (Parkgate Road/Cheyney Road Campus) on 23rd May 2017 starting at 5.30pm.

The intention is that, by the end of the evening, a basic cycling ‘Tubemap’ of Chester will have been created. This can then be improved and clarified so that it can be included within a leaflet which will be distributed to new students in October this year to encourage greater awareness of how attractive and safe cycling between the various University sites can be.

You can reserve your place on this workshop by registering on Eventbrite site by following this link.


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