Image of a selection of cycling related documents

Cycling Document Reference Library

Here you will find an extensive repository of cycling related guidance, policies, research findings and government regulations. This document library is intended to be a resource for cycle campaigners, planners, local authority officers and others [More….]

Google Map of Access Issues
All Ability Cycling

Interactive Route, Cycle Parking and Access Map

Thanks to the efforts of Nic Siddle, one of our campaign members, and a group of indefatigable volunteers, including Eileen Morgan, our very own Inclusive Cycling Officer acting as consultant, the Campaign is carrying out [More….]

Bike Buddies Image
Cycle Buddy Scheme

Chester Cycle Buddies Scheme

Are you one of the many people who say they would like to cycle in and around Chester but are unsure about riding on your own, riding in traffic, where to park your bike, etc. [More….]

Resurfaced Canal Towpath at Boughton

Canal Towpath Reopened

Three sections of towpath of the Shropshire Union canal towpath between Chester and Ellesmere Port have been substantially upgraded with repairs, widening, and resurfacing. The three sections are: Between Caughall Road and Liverpool Road, Bridge [More….]

Person lubicating bike chain
Bike Maintenance

Free Basic Bike Maintenance Guides

It is easy to carry out many bike maintenance tasks yourself. Learning a few simple skills can save you money and can help get you back on the road if you have a puncture or [More….]

Shared Use Path Markings

Active Travel Lanes Paused

After only five months of operation, two Chester’s new Active Travel Lanes were ‘paused’ on March 1st following a recommendation from the Emergency Active Travel Lanes Working Group. This independent group which was set up [More….]

Grosvenor Bridge Cycle Lane Improvements

Grosvenor Bridge Cycle Lanes Improved

Advisory cycle lanes have been installed in both directions on Grosvenor Bridge, after consultation with the Campaign. Now cyclists feel safer, as vehicles generally keep away from the advisory lane. The vehicle lane is now [More….]