New Crane Street Boardwalk Closed for Extensive Repairs

For a number of months the Chester Cycling Campaign has been highlighting the dangers of the slippery surfacing on the bNew Crane Stree Boardwalkoardwalk that runs between the shared use path on Chester Racecourse and Sealand Road. A number of injuries have been caused to cyclists by the treacherous surface due to algae growth that has developed on the boardwalk.

Following a further accident, the Chester Cycling Campaign contacted the local Councillor for the area (Cllr. Bob Rudd) to request some effective action to be taken. This approach, combined with our previous efforts, has resulted in the council taking steps to begin repairs. In December 2018, they announced that, “Repairs to Tower Wharf Promenade alongside the River Dee near Sealand Road in Chester will begin from Monday 10 December. The Promenade will be closed for the repairs due to deterioration of the timber decking and support beams. The work is expected to finish in spring 2019.”

We understand that the existing timber decking and supports will be removed with new durable glass reinforced plastic (GRP) support beams installed to support new GRP planks. The new deck planks will be made from 80% recycled plastic. Meanwhile, there is a diversion in place for pedestrians and cyclists which is via Saddlery Way and New Crane Street.

Unfortunately, the Campaign has learned that an inspection of the structure has revealed that more extensive repairs are needed in addition to the decking surface. It now looks as if this route will be closed for some time due to the time and expense involved. The Campaign will monitor the situation and post updates here as we get more news about the project.


  1. Good idea to use more durable re-cycled plastic, but will it have a non-slip surface?

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