Campaign Sets 2020 Objectives

Bike GearsThe Campaign has produced a list of its objectives for 2020, setting out what we feel we can do to create improvements for Chester cyclists. The list provides a clear focus for Campaign members who may wish to become involved in the work of the Campaign. If you feel that you can help in any way, then get in touch through this website, or come along to one of our monthly meetings.

  1. Write a letter to local papers on average once per month
  2. Issue at least 4 News Releases during the year
  3. Continue to campaign to improve access to and through Chester city centre
  4. Continue to improve formal contact with CWaC Officers & Councillors for cycling related matters and to try to broaden base of contacts
  5. Provide comments on relevant planning applications
  6. Campaign for a safer environment for cyclists on A540
  7. To add improvements to cycling infrastructure paper/electronic maps so they can be more readily referred to by CWaC Highways in future programmes of work
  8. Carry out activities personally, and as a group to promote the Campaign and increase membership to 160 members
  9. Support four Sustrans organised school-based cycle rides during the Spring and Summer
  10. Actively engage with the implementation of the Cheshire West LCWIP
  11. Attend at least two community events to promote the Cycling Campaign and to promote sustainable travel
  12. Participate in, and help promote local events directed at increasing awareness of the need to address urgent Climate Change issues (e.g. Car Free Day in Chester, Critical Mass Rides, inclusive cyling initiatives
  13. Ensure that cycling infrastructure associated with the proiposed A51 changes are of the highest standard
  14. Focus on supporting ‘mobility inclusive’ use of the Millennium Greenway by providing an on-line map that highlights critical features

Periodic updates about activity in each of these areas and progress towards achieving these objectives will be published in our 2020 electronic newsletters. These newsletters will be sent to all members who have supplied us with their current email address. If your email address has changed since you joined, then contact us and tell us your current email address so we can keep in touch.

Here are some ideas about what you can do now:

  • Write a letter to the Chester Chronicle or the Standard about a cycling related matter.
  • Comment on planning applications on the CWAC website where cycling features have not been included in the application.

Come along to one of our meetings if you would like to find out about other ways of taking action.

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  1. How about a campaign which campaigns cyclist, to wear clothing that will allow other road users see them (not black kits) hence helping avoid potential fatalities, this surely is “safety first” being applied before one is even on the road. A rider wearing clothing which can be seen by all, is far more effective than a rear flashing light, of course the combination of both is even better still.

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