Chester Cycling Campaign Sets 2022 Objectives

Bike GearsAfter a very busy and successful year in 2021, the Campaign has produced a list of its objectives for 2022, setting out what we feel we can do to create improvements for Chester cyclists. The list provides a clear focus for Campaign members who may wish to become involved in the work of the Campaign. If you feel that you can help in any way, then get in touch through this website, or attend one of our monthly meetings.

  1. Write a letter to the paper on average once a month
  2. Issue at least 4 press releases during the year
  3. Continue to campaign to improve access to and through Chester city centre by identifying 5 routes and achieve 2 to improve inclusive access and/or permeability to, or through the city centre
  4. Continue to improve formal contact with the Council Officers and Members for cycling related matters and try to broaden base of contacts
  5. Provide comments on relevant planning applications
  6. Add improvements to paper/electronic maps so they can be more readily referred to by CW&C Highways in future programs of work
  7. Carry out activities personally and as a group to promote the Campaign in order to increase membership to 250 members at end September and 230 remaining by year end, including 10 Corporate Members
  8. Actively participate in the Integrated Travel Task Force and engage with CWAC and other stakeholders in the implementation of the LCWIP
  9. Working with CW&C, Sustrans, schools and the wider community to promote ‘mobility inclusive’ cycling in Chester: focused in particular on accessible cycle hire, removal of inappropriate barriers, mapping and promoting access points, charging points and other critical features, and raising awareness of wheels as active mobility aids
  10. Plan and carry out an appropriate activity for Bike Week 2022 in a safe and Covid compliant way, making use of Cycling UK resources
  11. Organise 2 mini-campaigns to report and follow-up on the lack of cycle path maintenance and involve councillors in follow-up
  12. Increase Social Media engagement across all channels by 20%

Periodic updates about activity in each of these areas and progress towards achieving these objectives will be published in our 2022 electronic newsletters. These newsletters will be sent to all members who have supplied us with their current email address. If your email address has changed since you joined, then contact us and tell us your current email address so we can keep in touch.

Here are some ideas about what you can do now:

  • Write a letter to the Chester Chronicle or the Standard about a cycling related matter.
  • Comment on planning applications on the CWAC website where cycling features have not been included in the application.

Join us for one of our meetings if you would like to find out about other ways of taking action.


  1. How about a campaign which campaigns cyclist, to wear clothing that will allow other road users see them (not black kits) hence helping avoid potential fatalities, this surely is “safety first” being applied before one is even on the road. A rider wearing clothing which can be seen by all, is far more effective than a rear flashing light, of course the combination of both is even better still.

    • How about banning all cars that are black that dont have their headlights on at all times…? Or banning all black mopeds, black helmets, black bike jackets…. Or consider whether you (you in the general sense) are fit to drive if you cannot see a cyclist on a bicycle… in the daylight regardles of clothing or at night with ‘just’ a flashing red light. How about a campaign that puts the responsiblity into the drivers arena to look first and to drive according to conditions. Ps I very rarely wear black and very rarely ride without my lights on – it makes little difference in my experience. Its not SMIDSY its SMIDSYBIDC…

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