Campaign Submission to Northgate Development Consultation

Chester’s Northgate development is set to transform the city centre.  It is a ‘once in a generation’ development that will affect how Cestrians live, work and shop in the city.  Several consultation events have taken place, giving local people an opportunity to comment on the plans.

A number of Chester Cycling Campaign members have attended these events and have contributed suggestions regarding bike access, cycle paths, bike parking, public rights of way, and other matters.  These Campaign members have found the developers, consultants and architects to be very sympathetic to the needs of cyclists and receptive to our suggestions.  It is expected that this latest plan for the development will be much more cycle friendly than the original plans from 2002.

At the request of the developers, the various suggestions have been incorporated into one document for their use in the preparation of the planning application which will be the next stage in the process.   There will be further opportunities to comment on the plans once the planning application has been submitted later in 2016.  Chester cyclists are encouraged to comment on the plans at that stage, as we have an opportunity to shape how cycle friendly the city centre will be for perhaps decades to come.

The Campaign’s written submission can be used as a source of ideas for your comments.  Click the link below to view the document in PDF format.

Chester Cycling Campaign Northgate Consultation Response


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