Canal Towpath Closed Yet Again!

Towpath Closed Sign
Photo © Chester Chronicle

Chester cyclists have been dismayed to discover that the canal towpath route through the city has been closed once again as of late November 2017.

Chester Cycling Campaign has done some investigation about the closure and has spoken to Canal and River Trust staff. They explained that the closure was due to the outcome of a risk assessment which showed that there were some big blocks of sandstone above the towpath which were loose and could come down onto the towpath. The path has been shut indefinitely until the loose material can be removed and the wall above the towpath stabilised.

Apparently the required remedial work is the responsibility of Cheshire West and Chester Council and not the Canal and Rivers Trust. The Campaign will be pressing CWAC to make this work a priority and to signpost an alternative route meanwhile.

Further updates will be posted here as we learn more about this closure and the timescales for repair work.


  1. Strange why the canal has not been closed as well, obviously the canal boat drivers are immune from falling lumps of sandstone, probably due to anti gravity devices fitted to their boats.

    • Why has alternative route not been signposted for this important & busy active travel route.
      As ever,CW&C only interested in motor vehicles

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