Canal Towpath Reopens at Last!

Canal Towpath
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The Cycling Campaign is delighted that closed section of the canal towpath finally reopened on 22 May 2019 after being closed for 18 months! This is great news for Chester cyclists and pedestrians who have been very inconvenienced by the long closure. The canal towpath is one of Chester’s key traffic-free routes and cyclists can now enjoy more pleasant and safer journeys across the city.

Upon the reopening there was some considerable overgrown vegetation alongside the route, so some care will need to be taken until this is brought under control.

The Cycling Campaign was active throughout the closure, bringing pressure to bear on Cheshire West and Chester Council and the Canal and Rivers Trust. These two public bodies had been locked in a dispute regarding the responsibility for dealing with the loose stonework on the city walls above the towpath which had led to the closure. We are delighted that their differences have been resolved and the towpath reopened.


  1. Does anyone know when the canal towpath near Moston is going to reopen?

    • A sign at the depot by Pretty Bridge says that this section is due to reopen in ‘Spring 2021’ which is quite a wide window. They seem to have quite a bit of work yet to do. There might be a delay as an embankment collapsed just before Backford dip and they are building some reinforcement. It will be great when it is finished. The path is much wider now.

  2. Speaking of overgrown cyclepaths… we are tourists who came to visit Chester and do lots of cycling around the city. We found the paths beautiful but very poorly maintained. Almost all of the hedges need trimming and the surfaces desperately need work too. This makes for safer cycling ( plus no more fear of nettles)!

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