Teaching an adult to ride a bike

How to Teach an Adult to Ride a Bike

With patience, persistence, encouragement – and the right technique – nearly every adult can learn to ride a bike, whatever their age. The Chester Cycling Campaign is grateful to Cycling UK for their tips on [More….]

All Ability Cycling
All Ability Cycling

Give It a Spin – All Ability Cycling

Give It a Spin is a Cycling UK affiliated, inclusive cycling opportunity based at Live! Cheshire New Scene Youth Centre in Chester. The centre provides people of all abilities with the chance to enjoy cycling [More….]

Group of Cyclists on Road
Winning People Over to Cycling

Winning People Over to Cycling

How can you win friends, relatives and colleagues over to cycling? Often people have preconceived notions about cyclists and cycling which can act as barriers to them taking up cycling.  If we are to persuade [More….]

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Bike Security

Improve Your Bike Security

The Chester Cycling Campaign has been working with the local police in order to try to reduce the incidence of bike thefts in Chester, both from the home and in public places.  In addition, Cheshire [More….]

Electric Bikes

A Beginners Guide to Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are becoming more popular as the technology develops.  Efficient motors combined with high capacity batteries make electric bikes more reliable and more feasible as a daily transport option now than they were 10 [More….]

Effective Campaigning - CycleSheffield
Campaign News

Brilliant Effective Cycle Campaigning Presentation!

CycleSheffield have produced an engaging and effective presentation regarding cycle campaigning strategies and methods.  This presentation was shown at the 2015 CycleNation Conference in Liverpool and at a Cycling Campaign meeting in Chester.  The presentation [More….]

Campaign News

Bren Bikes – Bike Refurbishment Project

Bren Bikes is a bike recycling project that offers work experience opportunities to people with learning disabilities and autism. The project offers bike repairs, maintenance, and servicing, and sells a fantastic range of good quality, [More….]

Cycle Friendly Cafes

List of Cycle Friendly Cafes Near Chester

Our friends in the Chester and North Wales Cycling UK group have published a definitive guide to cycle-friendly cafes within cycling distance of Chester.  So when planning a cycle ride, you can use this list [More….]