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City Boasts Over 2,500 Bike Parking Spaces

Over the past few years, Cheshire West and Chester Council have installed many additional bike racks around the city. In addition, some employers and other organisations have taken advantage of grants to install racks at [More….]

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Improve Bike Parking in Chester

The Campaign is working closely with Cheshire West and Chester Council to improve bike parking facilities in the city.  Chester cyclists can help by reporting any problems with existing cycle stands and by suggesting sites [More….]

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Results of Cycle Parking Survey Published

Chester Cycling Campaign has completed an extensive survey of cycle parking facilities in and around the city. This is has been a thorough survey conducted by a team of Campaign members who have logged the [More….]

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Cycle Parking Guidance

Encouraging cycling includes meeting the need for cyclists to be able to park their bikes safely and securely when they arrive at their destinations.  Too often cycle parking is badly designed, poorly sited, or insecure. [More….]

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Cyclist Business Mileage Expenses Advice

The new Cheshire West and Chester Council has set an example by being one of the first councils in the country to offer the same business mileage rates for cyclists and motorists, currently 40p per [More….]