Micke Trafford Extension to the Greenway
Cycle Path Updates

Mickle Trafford Greenway Extension Now Open

The first of the major CDT infrastructure projects is now open.  The long-awaited official opening of the latest section of the Chester Millennium Greenway took place on 25 October 2009. Residents of Guilden Sutton and [More….]

Boy on Bike
Campaign News

Let’s Put Cycling on the School Curriculum

Not all schoolchildren like team sports. Such children can find the options available to them for physical education very limited – both within the school PE curriculum and outside the classroom in the extra-curricular activities [More….]

Bike Stands
Bike Parking

Results of Cycle Parking Survey Published

Chester Cycling Campaign has completed an extensive survey of cycle parking facilities in and around the city. This is has been a thorough survey conducted by a team of Campaign members who have logged the [More….]

Hoole Road Bridge
Hoole Road Bridge

Hoole Road Bridge Options Paper

Hoole Road Bridge is widely regarded as being one of the most hostile stretches of road for cyclists in Chester. As this is a main route into the city centre, the noise and danger involved in [More….]


Chester Cycling Campaign Membership

Membership Benefits Members will get the following benefits: Opportunity to influence Chester cycling initiatives Discounts from local retailers with your membership card (see below) Free bike safety checks, including puncture repairs, brake adjustments, and derailleur [More….]