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The Manley Meander

The Manley Meander explores the countryside to the east of Chester, taking in places of interest such as Christleton Pond and the Manley Windsurfing Centre. The route is 27 km (17 miles) in length, with [More….]

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The Dodleston Doddle

The Dodleston Doddle explores a mixture of countryside and more urban areas to the south-west of Chester, including Dodleston, Gorstella, Lower Kinnerton and Westminster Park. The route is 26 km (16 miles) in length with [More….]

Chester Zoo
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The Zoo Circular

The Chester Zoo Circular is a short, circular route of 13 kms (8 miles). It follows the canal towpath for the outward journey to Chester Zoo, and then follows NCN Route 56 and NCN Route [More….]