Latest Covid-19 Cycling Advice

Social distancing graphicThe Chester Cycling Campaign encourages everyone who cycles during the Covid-19 pandemic to practise social distancing and to follow the best available advice regarding how to keep yourself and others safe. Government advice is updated periodically in response to changing circumstances, so it is understandable if cyclists are confused about what is currently permissible.

Cycling UK’s Covid-19 Cycling Advice

The Campaign believes that the best available Covid-19 advice for cyclists is that provided by Cycling UK. This advice is constantly updated in response to the changing pandemic situation in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Being aware of the differences between England and Wales is important for Chester cyclists who may regularly venture over the border on their cycling journeys.

The online Cycling UK cycling advice also includes a very detailed Q&A section which covers such questions as:

  • I’m a healthy cyclist over the age of 70. Is it safe for me to continue cycling?
  • I’m a cyclist with chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or COPD. Is it safe for me to continue cycling?
  • I’m a cyclist who is currently unwell with a new continuous cough or fever. Is it safe for me to continue cycling?
  • I have been in physical contact / close proximity recently with friends or relatives with symptoms who are self-isolating, and I live in the same household as them. Is it safe for me to continue cycling?

The full Cycling UK cycling advice and FAQ is available using the link below:

Cycling UK Coronavirus Advice

Enjoy your rides, and keep yourself and others safe!



  1. Whilst I agree with you on the Canal issue.
    I found not being able to get to Queensferry between the blue bridge and Railway bridge was
    Depressing me.
    I find the view there fascinating it reminds me of all the ports I visited when in the Royal Navy
    in my youth

  2. When passing other users of a shared use path or roadway,just turn your head away from them,it stops air bourne particles moving from one to another,and dog walkers keep your dog under control as they may well injure themselves or a cyclist or walker and put an extra strain on the NHS and Vets at this time.

    The roads may be quieter at the current time but with more speed freaks with no concern for other users safety out there,just beware,they may not be insured,be under the influence of drink and drugs,so you may well feel its safer to use designated cycle routes, or quieter roads.

    Just share the space,slow down,and look away.

    • Avoiding the canal towpath is very sensible advice. It is almost impossible for pedestrians to pass at 2m distance and hence for cyclists even if they dismount.

      Personally I have always avoided shared paths unless they are very quiet. The risk of accidents, although mainly minor, is extremely high and the statistics support this. Pedestrians, particularly children, and dogs are too likely to move across your path unexpectedly. The general recommendation therefore is that cyclists travelling faster than about 15mph should use the road instead. At least most vehicles behave predictably and give signals, although I agree there are a few who drive dangerously.

      Social distancing is again virtually impossible on most shared paths. There is only one serious accident for every 1 million miles on roads and hence the risk of catching COVID and becoming seriously ill due to failure to socially distance on a shared path or towpath seems much greater.

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