CWAC Creating Temporary Active Travel Measures

Shared Use Path MarkingsCheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) has been awarded up to £805,000 from the Emergency Active Travel Grant. This is part of £33.5 million grants to the North West, that will help to create enhanced facilities for pedestrians and cyclists across the borough to help keep their distance for safe essential journeys and exercise during the coronavirus lockdown and through recovery. 

The Chester Cycling Campaign has submitted a number of ideas of how this grant might be spent to maximise the benefits for local cyclists and pedestrians. Members have also been attending online meetings with council officers and councillors to discuss the allocation of this funding. 

Some initial plans are being formulated with the intention to begin construction the facilities on the ground in early June 2020. These pop-up measures will include footway extensions, one-way streets, removing through traffic on certain roads, adding extra cycle lanes and removing street clutter at pinch points.

Here are some of the ideas that the Campaign has submitted to the council:

  • Wrexham Road / Grosvenor Bridge/ Grosvenor Street – Create a temporary coned-off 2 way cycleway on the East side of the road from Overleigh Roundabout to Grosvenor Bridge
  • Hoole Road – Extend the current partial Shared Use Path (SUP) along the Hoole Road to make this as continuous as possible, ideally up to the United Reform Church
  • Chester Station – Improve cycle route signage outside the station, and signpost a route from the canal towpath to the station using Charterhall Drive
  • Hospital/Liverpool Road – Improve access to the site from Morrisons A5480 roundabout to the hospital entrance with a coned off cycle lane and upgrade the pavement north from the hospital to an SUP, thus improving access from the hospital to the housing and care home at Upton Deane
  • Great Boughton/Christleton/ Waverton – Resurface the canal towpath from A51 bridge to A41 bridge
  • Chester Town Centre – Increase provision of safe and secure cycle parking to accommodate the anticipated rise in demand from cyclists

Some measures are already in place, including widened footways in Northgate Street marked out with cones, enabling pedestrians to maintain physical distancing.

You are now able to submit your own ideas to CWAC.  The council have launched a ‘Walk, Ride Thrive’ campaign and want to hear views and suggestions from residents on how walking and cycling improvements can be made in local areas.  The tool features an interactive map onto which pins can be placed with suggestions for improvements.  You can access the tool using the link below. Note that there is also a survey on the same website which residents are encouraged to complete.

CWAC Walking and Cycling Suggestions Online Tool

You can make your suggestions simply by emailing:

The Campaign will keep this web page undated as further news becomes available, so be sure to check back soon!

You may also wish to consider joining the Chester Cycling Campaign. This will enable you to join in our electronic discussions and to add your weight to our campaigning activity at this critical time which holds out the promise of a significant change in how we travel within and through the city.



  1. Cycled and filmed the Grosvenor bridge route a few weeks ago and its dangerous how it filters us cyclists out in front of cars not obeying the 20 mph speed limit either way, also the liverpool road outbound lane, cycled that also and noted the footway has been cleared of vegetation to make it wider so probably going to be a SUP,which is pathetic,as there are a lot of junctions to cross and its very narrow. The A41 is better as its wider and on road and segregated,pity about Hoole roundabout being in the middle of a nice route, with no safe crossing points.

  2. Grosvenor Bridge now has painted cycle lanes in both sides and car lanes reduced from 3 to 2. Let’s hope lots of people get out n their bikes and use the new lanes to demonstrate that they are meeting a need.

  3. It’s really great that Chester Cycle Campaign has got so actively involved with supporting the Council to plan these improvements. Great effort!

  4. I’m just looking at the council’s latest press release and ccc ideas. I can’t remember what an SUP is. It would be great if you could spell it out.

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