Join Our Cycle Buddies Scheme

Bike BuddiesThe Chester Cycling Campaign’s Cycle Buddies Scheme matches experienced volunteer Helper Buddies with those who would like some support in developing their cycling skills and confidence.  

Are you one of the many people who say they would like to cycle in and around Chester but are unsure about choosing routes, riding on your own, riding in traffic, where to park your bike, etc. etc?

Or maybe you’re back on a bike after some time and need a bit of a confidence boost?

Maybe you’re unsure about choosing routes to where you want to go – work, children’s schools, shops, city centre, leisure, friends, etc?

Chester Cycling Campaign’s Cycle Buddy Scheme can put you in touch with a “buddy” who can help.  Buddies are Campaign members who are experienced cyclists and have volunteered their time to help you.  They can help plan cycle-friendly routes from your door to places you’d like to go, ride with you to test them out and give you moral support.

We are also looking to recruit experienced cyclists to act as buddies to help others develop their skills and confidence. This will involve only a few hours of your time, and will give you the satisfaction of helping fellow cyclists to use their bikes more often.  

Find out more about how to get help from a bike buddy or how to offer your time as a bike buddy by using the links below:

Find Out About Getting Support From a Cycle Buddy

Find Out About Offering Help to Other Cyclists as a Cycle Buddy