Results of Cycle Parking Survey Published

coveredbikerackChester Cycling Campaign has completed an extensive survey of cycle parking facilities in and around the city. This is has been a thorough survey conducted by a team of Campaign members who have logged the details of every cycle rack they could find, including the location, the type of racks and the number of racks.

In addition, while volunteers have been auditing what is already available, they have also been listing places where they feel additional cycle parking should be installed. The results of all of this work have now been published in the two reports below. The reports show that while some areas have adequate provision, other parts of the city have woeful provision, the Greyhound Retail Park being one notorious example.

Have a look at the reports and let us know if you spot any gaps, as we want the information held in the database to be as complete as possible!

Click here to view the full report of cycle stands currently available by location.

Click here to view the full report of suggested cycle stand locations by area.


  1. In reply to Ben’s comment about Northgate Arena Cycle Parking – there are secure lockers for cycles available which have been in place for quite a few years …… However we understand they are frequently oversubscribed, so there is a case for arguing for support to extend the facility…….

    Again, we will forward the idea to the CDT planning process – perhaps as being an example where a grant aid process is available to encourage various destinations (whether as leisure venues or workplaces) to improve their secure cycling provision.

  2. James and Tony – I will relay your desire for increased secure cycle parking in the City Centre to the CDT planning process – this is something that we have also mentioned as a Campaign – particularly for people who work in the City Centre and have an employer who has no room or desire to provide secure cycle parking for their cycling employees…..

    There is potential to develop a City Centre Cycle centre.

  3. The cycle racks provide at the Northgate leisure centre are particularly poor. They have very poor lighting and I imagine they must be very inviting to thieves. I asked in the leisure centre about locking my bike up there and was told not to bother as they have had that many thefts. Just improving the lighting and making the area bikes are locked up in would make a huge difference.

  4. I ride a very expensive recumbent trike which I do not feel secure leaving in the city centre. Can we have some really secure cycle parking in Chester,please. If Chester is going to be totally cycle friendly it needs routes that join up in one coordinated, safe system right across the city, not leaving cyclists at the mercy of the traffic.

  5. RE: Cycle Parking Facilities.

    Please could you place secure cycle parking facilities in the town centre? Manchester has a number of free secure storage units that have to be entered using a code or keycard and are fitted with cctv cameras. this makes parking bikes in manchester a much more effective and usuable scheme. i feel that chester has yet to fully exploit the possibility of more people using bikes to go shopping in the town. as at present there is a lot of vandalism of bikes left in the centre and you can see from the state of bikes left in town that people are not bringing decent bikes into the centre due to this problem. i for one would never leave my own bike in the town centre because people do not respect them. i feel that the manchester system would make it possible for all cyclists to bring bikes into the centre as they shop not just those that can afford to buy an additional cheap bike for this purpose.

    Manchester’s scheme does seem very well thought out, i am especially thinking of the areas around the university and academy.

    There are a lot of people in this area who are keen mountain bikers , myself being one and we would like to use our bikes to pop to the shops but they are too valuable to be left locked on the street. i think if this scheme could b implememented you would see a dramatic increase in town use of bikes and a decrease in car use.

  6. Thanks Andy and David – will incorporate your comments onto the database and also add your wish for a Parkgate Road route to the “wishlist” so that consideration can be given for it.

  7. Congratultions on a very comprehensive survey – though I notice Upton Heath School appears in the City Centre listing! I suggest we need more stands in the heart of the city – at the Cross and near the Eastgate.

  8. Well done Simon for organising all this, have sent a couple of points by e-mail. Regarding the project as a whole within Chester, I feel that we should be looking towards getting lots of little things done, access here, cycle track there and so on. On a purely personal and selfish basis, I would love to see a cycle track from the ‘Mercedes roundabout’ on the Parkgate Road north up the A540 to Mollington. A number of us use this route as a way up to the Wirral or into town and have to put up with a dangerous & busy road or a VERY VERY poor footpath.

  9. Thanks for comment about Royal Mail Parking – it will be added to database.

    If anyone else notices omissions from the list of cycle parking identified, whether at their place of work or somewhere they visit please let us know via a comment on this page and it will be added to the database . Let me have details of address, style of stand and quantity and whether they are coverd or not.

    Likewise if anyone has suggestions for locations for cycle parking that are not included on the suggested cycle parking list please let me know and we will addit to that database

  10. Thanks for all the hard work.

    I do not think that I spotted a reference to the cycle parking at the Royal Mail building at Jupiter Drive off Sealand Road. There are a few public spaces at the front uncovered-metal slots, then about 40 or 50 double level butterfly slots under cover for employees.

  11. Well done for organising this Simon – a valuable resource for the new authority and Chester cyclists.

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