Latest Cycle Path Closures

Cycle paths and other off-road routes can be closed without notice, causing inconvenience to cyclists and pedestrians.  Also, when closures take place, diversions are rarely suggested or signposted.  The Chester Cycling Campaign is providing a constantly updated list of closures to enable you to plan your journey with some confidence.

The list below is based on reports from Campaign members and members of the public.  Its accuracy depends on up-to-date reports from Campaign members and members of the public.  Please let us know if any of the information below is inaccurate or out of date.  Also, you can let us know of new route closures using the ‘Comments’ form at the bottom of this page.  We are grateful for any updates that you may be able to supply!

Current Route and Path Closures

There are no current cycle path closures in force at present.

Information last updated 23/05/2019.


  1. What’s happening at the Kop on Sealand Road? Sign saying the cycleway through there is closing from 23/01/17 for 12 months. Also, delay signs for same period on Sealand Road. Presume it’s for Watkins Jones’s development.

    • the road signage seems to have disapeared and nothing on the councils website about roadworks etc.

  2. Hoole Chester, New double yellow lines are finally going to be painted and enforced on Phillip street, William streeet, Faulkner street, Edna street Prescot streets and Westminster road,these will create areas for us cyclists to pull into to let car drivers pass on what are all 20 mph streets. Notices have been posted in the chronicle and on street lamposts.

    But it may also cause rat running and a danger to us cyclists.

  3. Not really a road closure,but Long lane, from the A540 Parkgate rd towards Saughall POST OFFICE and CO-OP, is seriously flooded and there where potholes before it flooded, a large pump is in use to try and clear the flood, so use centre of road, also flooding on the road from Saughall clock tower towards Blacon, again its deep at the kerb.Also possible flooding near Saughall church, drain ditches full and fields full of water.

    PS, dont forget water splash freezes easily on these roads.

  4. Dee Path between Hawarden Bridge Station & Blue Bridge.

    Although the path work has been completed, it is currently closed during the week due to pumping equipment in use. Path is open from 3pm on Fridays to 8am Mondays according to the signage (which didn’t, as far as I could see, indicate a finish date). Diversion is, as before, along the old Steelworks access road with a short cut-through onto the Greenway just beyond the station.

  5. Not mentioned before,but the new off road route along the Saltney ferry Junction to Broughton Park is almost finished, it runs paralell to the road and is one way only, and runs on what used to be a grassed verge, now tarmaced.

    Green Lane Level crossing (Saltney) is currently closed but according to the workmen there today , there will be a signaller/lookout on site from Monday to allow just cyclists and walkers to cross the new track, so avoiding a long detour through Lache or Balderton.

    A 483, Wrexham to Chester road, at the Post House roundabout,gyratory or huge waste of money, delete as appropriate, there is no safe crossing from the bottom of Rough Hill to Eccleston Rake lane, traffic lights are there, and what looks like the start of a crossing point for pedestrians, but no traffic lights to help cyclists or walkers cross this dual carrigeway are yet installed,take sandwiches for youll wait for ages for a safe space in trafic to cross also the footweay has been removed on the north bound carrigeway.
    Also at the bottom of Rake lane, Pulford end a new mini roundabout has been painted on the road, and i saw a car that had failed to give way to another car T bone a car on this painted roundabout on Monday. Just be aware its there.

  6. On the main road From Saltney ferry road towards Broughton, a new cycle lane is being created on the grass verge, but tarmaced, looks a good job being done, but is going to probably be only one way and also goes past a few junctions so expect lots of give way lines for us cyclists to have to give way to vehicles turning or exiting from the junctions.It would have ben better to make the road wider by removing the verge and putting down a white line just like before , but wider and on both sides of the highway.

  7. Gordon , Further on the same route towards the Penguin Roundabout, named after the hotel that once lived there, just before the M56 flyover bridge,heading from chester, there is marked a box on the cyclepath, police vehicles only, to park theur ANPR van on it appears, so we will have to learn to Bunny hop over the top of the transit when its there.

    You really could make it up, never in 30 pluus years of cycling down the a41 have i seen an police car parked up in any space on the side of the road, yety we get a new cyclepath and its comandeered by the police for car spotting.

  8. Can I ask if anyone knows if the widened footpath on the A41 between the Ellesmere Port lights and the Penguin Roundabout is meant to be a cycle route? If it is, they have missed the most dangerous point at the lights where cyclists are pinched if cars are stopped to turn right and there are also posts in the middle of the route. Additionally it has been constantly covered in debris since opening.

  9. Dave,Just perhaps we dont have the technology or skill to post the links you want,i dont, we have put the details as known by us local cyclists, im sure that an ordance survey maop will also help you pinpoint the relevant closure, if not cotact, Flintshire council and the natural resoures team for more details.

  10. It’s great that you post these closures, but it would be so much easier to visualise if you included links to google maps, mapmyride, ridewithgps or some other mapping service so we can see the actual route and the likely impact together with any alternatives.

  11. River Dee Cycle/FootpathPath route 568 between the Hawarden Railway Bridge and the Blue Bridge ( Welsh Road ) will be closed from 10th November 2014. An alternative route will be signposted by then says Flintshire C C.

  12. River Dee Path,Please note its Hawarden bridge station bridge,next to the old John Summers office block at Shotton,(not actually Hawarden), to the blue bow string brige near the pub at Queensferry, where the path crosses the road on the light controled crossing, you can divert going into Queensfeery and along road past Lidl and through Queensferry town to reach the bridge and river route.

  13. Having completed the Poll this morning before going onto the cycle track from Saughall to Mickle Trafford in which my response was “Nothing,” I was greeted by abuse from a speeding cyclist who had to slow down for me and joggers/runners who all ended up in his way at the same time.
    It is absurd for the “would be Wiggo’s” to be doing time trials on the cycle track on a sunny summer Sunday when this magnificent facility is being used by a huge variety of user groups of all shapes, sizes and ages.
    Perhaps some signs indicating that walkers and cyclist should “keep left” may be useful but in addition to that, cycle clubs form the area could perhaps get together to police the track on occasions to stop the abusers riding too fast before somebody is seriously injured.
    If you want to ride fast, get up early and only do it on a stretch with no people.

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