Using Cyclescape as a Campaign Tool

Cyclescape LogoThe Chester Cycling Campaign intends to make more active use of the Cyclescape campaigning tool to present issues related to cycling in map form to improve participation and comment about potential positive changes to the local cycling infrastructire.

You can find out about how Cyclescape works and the way that you can join from this link.

It is free to join – just go to and create an account using the ‘Sign up’ link (top-right). After filling in the quick form, you’ll be asked to check your e-mail to click on a link to confirm.

Once you have set up your account you can register an interest to be involved with the Chester Cycling Campaign CycleScape site. You will then be able to see what issues are being discussed and also you will be able to highlight and post any issues that you may have identified for others to comment on.

Give it a try and get involved! 


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  1. Last year I wrote in asking about the possibility of improving cycling facilities near the new bus station. I received a comprehensive report from a gentleman who was clearly trying his best to improve matters. I regret I failed to note his name. Today I think I saw the fruits of his work- a shared cycleway/footpath on the broad footpath along George Street. Many thanks to the gentleman and to the Campaign.

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