Garden Lane Cycle Contra-flow Now Open!

Chester now has another one-way road where two way cycling is permitted like in Northgate Street.  The Garden Lane contra-flow works were completed in February 2013, allowing cyclists to cycle against the flow of motor traffic from Canal Street to Bouverie Street.  Signs are in place warning motorists of contra-flow cycle traffic, without the use of a full length painted cycle lane.

A new island has been created at the Canal Street end of Garden Lane to facilitate the entry of cyclists into the contra-flow section.   See photos.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)

This new contra-flow will be welcomed by cyclists heading towards the university from the city centre.  However, it will still be necessary to use Bouverie Street when heading towards the city centre, as there is no contra-flow in the lower part of Garden Lane.

Entry to Contraflow From Canal Street
Entry to Contraflow From Canal Street








Contraflow Signage at Entry From Bouverie Street

Contraflow Signage at Entry From Bouverie Street


  1. Just cycled down there today,perhaps somebody can explain how its a contraflow cycle lane when there is a designated parking bay in front of the surger, and at the bottom nealy got taken out by a van turning right from Bouverie street, the reason the van nearly hit me and the driver looked so surprised because some idiot had decided to park a car in the again designated parking space, which required the van to swing into the non existent marked lane.

    It requires the parking spaces closed and added at the top end,on the other side of the road.

  2. Its such a pity a solid white line demarkating the cycle lane, car interface couldnt be painted, as some motorists will try and intimidate cyclists contraflowing in this road.

    Also on the canal street entry there appears to be no signage indicating that its a contra flow cycle lane, for cyclists.

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