Gorse Stacks Safety Issues Finally to Be Addressed

Gorse Stacks Cycle Lane ProblemThe Campaign has been pointing out to the Cheshire West and Chester (CWaC) Highways Department the danger presented to cyclists as they re-join the highway after leaving the shared use footway that runs northwest beside the bus interchange complex at Gorsestacks to reach George Street.

It is particularly dangerous since cars travelling southeasterly down George Street to Gorse stacks are frequently on the “wrong” side of the road and are not expecting to be confronted by cyclists travelling in the opposite direction on the highway (as directed by signage.)

Activists from the Cycling Campaign met with CWaC staff for a site visit in November 2018. This meeting led to CAaC finally recognised the dangers that we have previously highlighted. They have now committed to laying a dashed white line on the highway to identify an ‘advisory’ cycle route on Gorsestacks / George Street with additional cycle symbols being laid on the road to alert motor traffic to the possible presence of cyclists travelling in the opposite direction.

This route is particularly important at present because of the closure of the canal towpath below Upper Northgate Street. It forms a key route for residents in the Garden Quarter/ Sealand Road area to and from the City Centre. This progress shows how the Campaign can help to improve conditions for cyclists in the city and demonstrates the value of a growing membership to enable us to exert greater influence.

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  1. Shame that it required enthusiastic amateurs to point out the pitfalls that should have been apparent to Highway Engineers.

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