Grosvenor Bridge Cycle Lanes Improved

Grosvenor Bridge Cycle Lane Improvements
Improved Cycle Lane on Grosvenor Bridge

Advisory cycle lanes have been installed in both directions on Grosvenor Bridge, after consultation with the Campaign. Now cyclists feel safer, as vehicles generally keep away from the advisory lane. The vehicle lane is now narrower, which encourages vehicles to slow down.

A 20mph speed limit is still in force over the bridge. These advisory cycle lanes also benefit pedestrians, who are now separated from passing vehicles by the width of the cycle lane. We have received comments that this is particularly appreciated by people walking over the bridge with small children.

The first measures for improving cycling across the bridge kept cyclists on the main carriageway in with vehicles. Plastic cylinders were installed to separate pedestrians from traffic on the road, but they did little to help cyclists.

Whilst the new layout with advisory lanes is good for cyclists who are confident in traffic, it is, however, still a threatening environment for those cyclists who are less confident. The Campaign continues to work for a longer term solution, to make the Grosvenor Bridge safe – and feel safe – for cyclists of all abilities.


  1. Sadly CWAC have reinstated the 30mph limit (which seems to invite some to do 40), which is not pleasant when navigating this narrow bridge. As It was built for horse and cart it’s frankly amazing that it can also take the biggest artics and an unimaginably (when it was designed) high volume of traffic. All-hail Victorian over-engineered designs!

  2. “Now cyclists feel safer, as vehicles generally keep away from the advisory lane.“ Sadly not, as shown by the grey car in the article photo.

  3. If we can do this on the bridge why can’t we do the same on all roads, If the law allows this why not all roads

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