Have Your Say: CWAC Consults on Cycle Plans

Shared use path signCestrians have until Thursday, February 13th, to respond to Cheshire West and Chester Council’s (CWAC) draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). The plan includes detailed proposals for new walking and cycling routes through Chester, Ellesmere Port, Neston, Winsford, Northwich, Frodsham and Helsby. The routes were devised through a collaborative process involving a working group with members drawn from a wide range of cycling and walking organisations, including the Chester Cycling Campaign.

Campaign member Stephen Perry said: “Chester Cycling Campaign is delighted that CWAC has taken the initiative to prepare a LCWIP and we very much appreciate the engagement of a number of our members in the project team. Based on our local knowledge and experience, we have provided input to identify potential infrastructure improvements to encourage cycling for all level of competence, including those with mobility challenges.”

Councils are preparing LCWIPs in response to the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy published by the Government in 2017. The Plans are often regarded as an essential basis for applying for future Government funding.

Local cyclists and walkers are invited to check out the proposed routes, view example maps and share their views on the council’s LCWIP consultation website before the February 13th deadline:

CWAC Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan Consultation

Once the public consultation has been concluded, a final version of the plan will be prepared for presentation to the Council for approval in the spring.


  1. There should be written signage on the greenway telling people to walk and run on the right,as you would on a road with no pavements,ie face oncoming traffic. It would reduce the accident rate. People don’t seem to understand the signage that is there. Also put a few arrows on the track as people join the track indicating the direction of travel. For me this would be a massive safety idea. I both cycle and walk there.

    • The Greenway is not a road and there is no ‘traffic’ on it. It’s a shared path. I walk and cycle there. My preference is for pedestrians and those on bikes to keep to the left. Faster people needing to overtake can do so when it’s safe to do so. The signs says “Share with care”. Cycles should slow down and use their bell

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