Improve Bike Parking in Chester

The Campaign is working closely with Cheshire West and Chester Council to improve bike parking facilities in the city.  Chester cyclists can help by reporting any problems with existing cycle stands and by suggesting sites for additional bike parking.

How to Report Problems with Existing Bike Racks

There are two ways to report bike parking problems.

1)  The council Highways Team has a web page which can be used to report problems with street furniture.  The site includes an interactive map which allows members of the public to specify an exact location of the problem.
Picture of Bike Rack and Bike

Click here to go to the Highways Team Interactive Fault Reporting Web Page

2)  A new website has been launched which enables cyclists to comment on cycle parking in their area.

Visit in order to:

* identify places where cycle parking is needed
* report existing cycle parking that is damaged or vandalised
* locate wheel-benders, slotted slabs, and other forms of cycle parking that do not meet modern needs

The site uses Google mapping and lets users mark the location precisely. Cyclists can comment on cycle parking both on-highway, in public spaces, and at key destinations such as railway stations, leisure centres, libraries, surgeries, etc.

The website collates all the comments and suggestions and submits detailed reports to the relevant local authority – Cheshire West and Chester in our case.


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