Inclusive Cycling Experience Events

The Chester Cycling Campaign offers a number of inclusive cycling support events.  These events are organised by Eileen Morgan, the Campaign’s Inclusive Cycling Officer.

Eileen’s Supported Rides at ‘Give It a Spin’

Give It a SpinThese sessions are ideal if you have never been on a cycle, don’t own a cycle of your own or would like to try a different kind of cycle altogether.

Dates: Monday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and Thursday from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Venue: Live! Cheshire, New Scene Centre, Newton Lane, Chester CH2 2HH

The Give it a Spin – Adapted Cycle Centre, is conveniently located on the Chester Millennium Greenway, near to Limewood Fields. The Centre has good variety of specially adapted trikes, bikes and tandems that enable people of all abilities to enjoy cycling in a supportive and comfortable setting. Experience cycling around the circuit which is in a safe, easy and lovely park setting – whether it’s your first time on an adapted cycle or you’re trying a cycle for the first time.

You are also most welcome to venture forth on your own; you can hire a trike, bike, tandem, hand cycle or wheelchair transporter for £5 per hour directly through Live! Cheshire at:

Register as a member and simply scroll down to the ‘Bookwhen’ box to reserve your session. Paul and his team will then assist with trials of various cycles.

If I am available, I can accompany you around the track – just let me know dates and times in advance using the enquiry form below.

Greenway Inclusive Buddy Rides

Inclusive Cycling BuddyIf you have your own non-standard, power-assisted cycle/wheelchair or mobility scooter join me for a cycle ride along the Greenway to Meadow Lea Farm Coffee Shop, Mickle Trafford. Mobility scooters are available for hire from Dial Shop Mobility in Chester to enable you to discover accessible places to visit.

I can offer completely bespoke one-to-one events, whether to help improve cycling and mobility aid confidence or if you would simply like to enjoy some active time out with a buddy and stop for a refreshments break. Group events can also be arranged; maximum 6 riders per group (riders requiring assistance must be accompanied) please feel free to contact me using the enquiry form below.

All Terrain Country Park Events

Member on Mountain TrikeAll terrain mobility equipment enables those with mobility issues to access countryside that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

It is important when choosing such equipment that you ensure that the machine meets your requirements and special mobility needs. A test ride and a discussion with someone knowledgeable about the range of equipment available can be very useful to someone planning to hire or buy a machine.

To find out more about ‘All Terrain’ mobility equipment hire/purchase, or to arrange a Mountain Trike demonstration, contact me using the enquiry form below.