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Using this page, you can join the Campaign or renew your membership online using your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. Our secure, encrypted payments are managed by PayPal (Europe) using industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. Alternatively, click here if you wish to join or renew using a printed form and payment by cheque. To join or renew online, follow these simple steps:

1) From the list below, choose the type of membership you want and note the fee. Membership is valid until the end of the following September. Joining after April 1st in any year entitles you to membership until the end of September in the following year.

Individual Membership                             £10.00
Unwaged\Student                                         £5.00
Family Membership*                                  £15.00
Life Membership                                        £100.00

Membership Benefits

Click here for information about membership categories and membership benefits.

2) Add to the membership fee the amount of any additional donation you may wish to make to support the work of the Campaign. This will be your total payment amount, which is referred to as your ‘Donation Amount’ on our payments page.

3) Make your payment by clicking the button below. Note that if you do not have a PayPal account, you can still pay online. Just click the ‘Continue’ link which is located at the bottom left of the payments page by the payment card logos.

Once your payment has been made, you will be returned to this website in order to complete and submit your membership application form.