A Tale of Two Local Cycling Strategies

Cycling Strategy GraphicA new ten year Cheshire East Cycling Strategy has recently been approved and launched by Cheshire East Council.  You can access this strategy using the link below:

Cheshire East Cycling Strategy 2017-27

It is interesting to compare this to the Cheshire West and Chester Borough’s cycling strategy which you can access from this link:

Cheshire West & Chester Cycling Strategy

It appears that instead of vague statements from CWAC without any action plan, Cheshire East has established practical actions to demonstrate the effectiveness of their strategy and an action plan with delivery targets has been developed. Their approach to using targets is described in the document as:

“Targets need to be measurable and therefore need to be set against existing data.

Cycling survey data is limited in Cheshire East and, as part of this strategy, this is something that will be addressed through installing cycle counters at key locations. However, it is possible to set some interim targets that will be reviewed and revised on a regular basis; these are to:
Cycle Journeys – double the number of people cycling once per week for any journey purpose in Cheshire East by 2027 from a 2014 baseline (this data is collected from the Active People Survey referenced earlier in this document).
Public Perception – Improve public perception of cycling within the district by ensuring that annually measured Cheshire East Council through the Highway satisfaction scores are improving over time on an upward trajectory.

9.2 The measurement of these targets will show how cycling has increased and how perceptions on cycling have changed over the course of the strategy. Further targets should be set once appropriate monitoring mechanisms and baseline data have been established.”

Current evidence within Cheshire Westand Chester is that opportunities afforded by planning consent mechanisms are not being exploited to create the right conditions to encourage cycle use. New developments are looked at in isolation without consideration of how cycle friendly connections between the individual developments and the surrounding existing community infrastructure might be created.

Clearly we need to campaign more! Contact us if you wish to be involved.

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  1. I am not sure whether intended or not, but trying to access the two strategies above tells a story.
    The Cheshire East document appears comprehensive and full of ambition.
    The link to Cheshire West just says “page not found”.

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