Merseyrail to Be Flagship ‘Bike ‘n’ Ride’ Provider

Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis has launched a major £14m package to transform facilities for cyclists at rail stations and encourage healthier, greener travel. Although Chester will not become one of the new ‘Cycle Hubs’, local cyclists will benefit from Merseyrail’s inclusion in the new ‘Bike ‘n’ Ride’ scheme.

Over the next two years a series of measures, including ‘Cycle Hubs’ at 10 major rail stations and 10,000 extra cycle parking spaces across the country will be introduced by Government, Network Rail, Cycling England and train operators. The new cycle hubs will include extra cycle storage facilities, repair services, hire schemes and improved cycle access to and from the stations.

The projects announced include:

– £5m for fully supervised cycle hubs, offering a range of facilities for cyclists including secure covered parking, cycle hire, information, retail and repair at 10 stations. These include Leeds station (which will be completed by May next year) and London St Pancras, London Victoria, London Waterloo, Grimsby, Hull, Liverpool Lime Street, Scunthorpe, Sheffield and York (all to be opened within the next 2 years).

– £3m for over 4500 additional cycle park spaces at nearly 350 stations across the country, including Nottingham, Stevenage, Cambridge, Exeter, Scarborough, Sunderland, Barrow-in-Furness, Crewe and Middlesbrough.

– £4m from Cycling England for four Train Operating Companies – Merseyrail, Northern Rail, South West Trains and Virgin Trains – to transform the cycling facilities up and down their network to become flagship ‘Bike ‘n’ Ride’ train operating companies.

– £2m which will improve cycle access at rail stations to ensure that bike users can get to and from the station conveniently and safely, and to improve cycle facilities across the rail network as opportunities are identified.

This announcement follows the Government’s commitment in June for £5m to be spent over the next two years to improve cycle storage facilities at up to ten major railway stations nationwide, including in London. Due to the quality of the response to this announcement, the funding has now been doubled to £10m.

The announcement of the ‘Bike ‘n’ Ride’ operating companies takes forward the recommendation from the Cycle Rail Task Force as a way to improve bike and rail integration.


  1. Typo:
    “In future [explanation of current propaganda trend around that phrase]” I meant to add:
    In Future, maybe Merseyrail could acquire cheap French rolling stock, or the same design. It’s intelligent. This country obviously hates that, but IN THE FUTURE one might find an improvement if people speak up for such virtues instead of being scared to not be politically-correct. Orwell is your friend, RIP that man. As you know it’s likely he’s rolling in his grave at this point…

  2. Note: go to France and use one of their TER (regional commuter) trains. They can go quite long distances… but are commuter trains with space for EIGHT bikes per carriage. With fold-up seats below them to use during rush-hour. They use bike-HOOKS, which maximise the vertical space thus not wasting it like even the ‘latest’ idiot Siemens commuter trains do in the UK. Ironic if designed by Germans…
    In future (note: I don’t use the phrase ‘going forward’ because this is Orwellian language designed to encourage people to ignore when things go BACKWARDS in the future and should be opposed).
    When the latest cycle spaces on the Siemens-designed commuter train I used (with heavily-laden touring bike, which is the standard to be catered-to as all else will fit into that standard)… I found a REGRESSION from the previous cycle space. Less space, no solid strapping, and not properly made clear for cycles (too much other furniture around making the gangway narrow).
    If you make cyclists an afterthought, people will make cycling itself an afterthought, and stay fat and unhappy. Funny, but wouldn’t that bad outcome be a key goal of those who want a weaker, more-easily-abused, settle-for-less-each-year population?
    There’s a likely reason these wide, multiple, and seemingly-unlinked moves against cycling exist in THIS country, rather than more intelligent countries (by hard metrics of work-life balance and child health, for example in the Netherlands where 80%+ of kids cycle to school from a young age).

  3. I am having a bit of bother currently with kids on bikes on local trains. It usually takes the form of kids sitting astride their bikes and blocking the doors and passageways. Today, for instance, 2 were blocking the doors as they sat astride their bikes with the intention of riding off the train at their stop. This does not mean that the next stop is their stop. I requested that they get off the bikes so that they could move them out of the way but the response I got suggested that at least 1 of the boys ( say 12 yrs old ) has a future as a lawyer. It did not end well. There are designated areas to put bikes and I suppose that this is a bit too much trouble. Merseyrail have a declared policy of welcoming bikes but surely there is an expectation of reasonable practical behaviour to allow both bikes and foot traffic to co-exist.

    • Feminism loves single mothers, and this kind of behaviour is (arguably) the result – no discipline. Enjoy, fools, you fell for it, and the rotten ”fruits’ are what a tree should be judged on, not the (still-logically-broken via lying-by-omission, when you break it down) Feminist theory, which posits a Huxley’s Brave New World scenario mixed with Animal Farm currently re: equality. Off-topic? Far from it: kids learn that they have to fight for theirs against an increasingly injust or at least selfish, LYING society. Thus they lose all moral qualms because those who pose as into ‘justice’ and morality fail miserably when GENUINELY-tested. These are often their mothers, which influence kids more than any other single factor in society, face it.
      Mothers and women in general being 94% mothers in their lives get violently-aggressive when challenged on this responsibility, of course. This might be passively, or less-so, neither of which is under (actually-valid) logic meaning without ANY vested pro-female bias) any morally-better than a fist to the face. Society lies about sex differences in aggression-style and the results, evolutionary scientists are your friend on that one.
      Their kids reflect this is various ways, arrogance and aggression being one of them, as per this social alienation.
      People are too blinded by their own (or their mothers powerful) lies to see that toxic masculinity (this might be an example in the OP’s example) comes from toxic femininity or humanity in general. That’s why the propagandists stuck the label ‘masculine’ in front of it: like racial discrimination is ‘white’ just because of history, missing the longer-term lesson about prejudice and discrimination on purpose. Over the top as a response to a 2011 article post? Hey, son, in this world, things tend to be linked, and cause-and-effect is linear and in a fan, tree, shape, and the root should be called-out as rotten where it is belied by the rotten fruit it bears. Democracy itself requires this level of dedication to empirical evidence, scientific method and fact, logic and reason. I’m still learning, but boy do I find the level of abusive brainwashing and its results disgusting. Good luck, we all need it who believe in having standards of behaviour in society. Shame is valid where pride is valid, two sides of the same coin, so people who agree with being entirely-shameless, rather than based on solid logic and honest about it – are the problem, not the solution. Peace.

  4. Train operating companies, with the honourable exception of Merseyrail, really do need to address their policies for the carriage of bicycles if “Bike ‘n’ Ride is to have any real impact. The limits placed on the number of cycles that can be booked and carried on any given service are very restrictive and certainly do little to encourage cyclists to use rail as a viable alternative to supplement either commuting or leisure cycling. I appreciate that increasing numbers may mean expenditure on adaptation of rolling stock but am not convinced that this is being considered with sufficient urgency in future travel plans.

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