No Cyclists Killed on Local Roads for Past Three Years

Cyclists KSI Trend Graph
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The Department for Transport has published road traffic casualty statistics covering the period from 2005 to 2016.  The good news is that no cyclist has been killed on local roads since 2013. Numbers of cyclists seriously injured have also been declining over the past few years.

However, numbers are still unacceptably high, given the very low percentage of local journeys which are undertaken on a bike. 

The table below shows the trend over the past six years for local KSI statistics.    

Cheshire West and Chester Cyclists Reported Killed or Seriously Injured

Year Number of Cyclists Killed Number of Cyclists Killed or Seriously Injured
2011 1 30
2012 0 24
2013 1 23
2014 0 27
2015 0 14
2016 0 15

Nevertheless, cycling as a mode of transport is still relatively safe when the number of miles covered is taken into account.  In 2016, 35 pedestrians were killed in the UK, compared with 30 cyclists per billion miles travelled.

Cycling is essentially a safe activity, causing little risk either to cyclists themselves or to other road users. Moreover, there is good evidence that cyclists gain from ‘safety in numbers’, with cycling becoming safer as cycle use increases. However, fear of road traffic is a major deterrent, despite the health, environmental and other benefits of cycling.

There is a lot that can be done to improve road safey for cyclists. The Chester Cycling Campaign supports many measures which can help to make cycling safer and more attractive as a means of transport including:

  • well designed infrastructure improvements
  • reallocation of road space to active travel modes
  • two way cycling in one-way streets
  • segregated cycle lanes on busy roads
  • creation of shared use paths by widening pavements
  • enforcement of speed limits, particularly in the new 20 mph zones created in CWAC

A full set of road casualty statistics for Cheshire West and Chester is available on the Travel Independent website, a website set up to provide independent analysis and comment as a basis for the development of fair, evidence-based UK transport policies.


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