CWAC Shines in Pothole Filling League Table

Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) is near the top of the league table for the fixing of potholes reported to the Cycling UK FillThatHole website. The website is designed to enable cyclists to easily report potholes and other road defects. Cycling UK then contacts the responsible council to get the roads repaired. Although most councils are generally quick to respond, our local council has one of the best records in the country regarding responding to potholes reported on FillThatHole.

The FillThatHole website has a league table ranking highway authorities according to hazards reported through the website, and shows which authorities are best at fixing their road defects. CWAC has consistently appeared near the top of the league table, despite having many more pothole reports to respond to than most of the other top contenders.

Click here to check out the latest league table figures on the CTC website

Well done to the highway staff at CWAC!  You can report a pothole by completing a simply form on the FillThatHole website:

FillThatHole Pothole Reporting Form



  1. it was getting much better. However recent dry weather seams to have made it worse.

  2. Having spent thousands of pounds upgrading the paved areas on the Groves beside the River Dee it is disappointing to see that the cycle path that links the suspension bridge with the bottom of Souters Lane is now a pot holed obstacle course. The contractors parked all their skips there during these works and have made a right mess. Surely at the time of signing off this project the councils surveyors should require the contractors to renew the surface to the state that it should be.

  3. Thats all well and good if the potholes are reported, however, the general state of the designated cycle routes in Chester is appalling especially the road that continues from the Groves towards The Bars which is poorly lit at this time of year. Do our Highways Department have to wait for a claim to be lodged against the council before looking at extremely poor maintenance issues. I notice that most of the car drivers only come down in 4×4’s (haha)now, it’s getting so bad on this stretch. Surely it is not asking too much for the Highways Dept to be proactive rather than reactive when dealing with cycle path maintenance. I couldn’t care less that the council tops the league for fixing potholes, it clearly shows that they maintain the paths in a poor manner in the first place. Do the Highways Dept survey the cycle routes on a regular basis? I doubt that they can get close to most of them in their council vans!

  4. I’m not sure we should be so quick to congratulate CWAC. I know from my own experience and others that CWAC have a habit of reporting problems “fixed” when they are not fixed at all.

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