Report Hazardous Potholes For Quick Response

Potholes in roads present a particular hazard for cyclists – either because they have to swerve to avoid them or risk coming off or damaging their bike if they ride over them.

Initial indications are the the new Cheshire West and Chester Council respond quickly to reports of hazardous potholes.  One Campaign member found that the Council had filled a hole in his road within 48 hours of it being reported through the CTC’s Fill That Hole website.

Any member of the public can visit the Fill That Hole website to report potholes in the road.  All reports are forwarded on to the relevant Highway Authority for priority action.  If any accidents to cyclists occur at the reported site after the report, the CTC will be able to provide legally valid evidence of the report.

If you do report a pothole to the council using the CTC’s website, you may wish return here to submit a comment describing the outcome and speed of response.


  1. The above link appears to work!! I reported two major and a number os less serious potholes on Ermine Rd just before Christmas. The two major ones were patched a couple of weeks ago (the others were not touched and are now deteriorating seriously. Time for more reporting………….

  2. Parkgate road, from the Yacht pub to the small chapel, there a re a few very deep grids , and after the tragic deaths further up this road, i would have thought that Cwac staff would have been and repaired them sooner.

    Also the road from Wales into Saughall and onto Parkgate road again is an absolute disgrace, numerous potholes, cars poorly parked, cars on pavements etc.

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