How to Submit Helmet Camera Footage to the Cheshire Police

Helmet CameraThe Chester Cycling Campaign has been in discussion with Cheshire Police regarding the use of helmet cam footage and the legal status of such footage when drivers are caught committing traffic offences. Prompt and firm action against drivers committing offences which put cyclists and other vulnerable road users at risk are an important element of making our roads safer.

We are pleased to report that Cheshire Police have now developed a simple online system for the submission of video and photographic evidence of incidents witnessed by cyclists on local roads. The process involves completing an online Dashcam Submission Form, completing a witness statement and uploading the relevant footage on the Cheshire Police website. Following this, the police will evaluate the footage in order to determine if an offence has been commited and whether sufficient evidencde exists for a prosecution to be initiated.

Further information is available on the police ‘Submit Dashcam Footage’ web page, including a detailed FAQ:

Submit Helmet Camera Footage to the Cheshire Police


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  1. BLO*DY BRILLIANT. A real step forward in road and cycle safety. Motorists must learn their license is to drive not kill. Zero tolerance on the 5 foot rule and other bad driving with education/fines/points is essential for a few weeks to get the message across. PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL POLICE FORCES.

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