Tidal Surge Debris at Dee Marshes Cleared by CWaC, RSPB Staff and Volunteers

The storms and tidal surge on Thursday, 5th December 2013, deposited huge amounts of debris on the newly opened Burton Marshes cycle route.  Masses of branches, reeds, grass, rubbish and sludge covered the paved surface of the route making it look like a field rather than a popular cycle route.

Part of the route was quickly been cleared by a local farmer who grazes sheep on the land surrounding the route.  However, the section of the path leading up to The Harp pub remained barely passable by cyclists.

However, the Chester West and Cheshire Council’s Public Rights of Way team cleared the route in record time on Monday, December 9th.  RSPB staff assisted by a team of local volunteers carried out a litter pick to remove the huge amount of rubbish washed up by the storm.

Cyclists are now celebrating the clearing of this heavily used and much loved route.  Local cyclists and cycling groups express their thanks and appreciation to all those involved for their swift action in making the route passable again.

The photos below show the state of the route both before and after the clear-up. Note that the images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Debris on Dee Marshes Cycle Route
BEFORE: Debris on Dee Marshes Cycle Route
AFTER: The Route After the PRoW Team Clean Up
AFTER: The Route After the PRoW Team Clean Up


  1. We sometimes complain about our local councils not doing much for cyclists, but both CWAC and Wirral have done a great job on the clearance of the sea deposited litter.

    Big thankyou from us cyclists and walkerists.

    Also route 5 on the other side of the estuary at Prestatyn to Rhyl, parts of the sea wall have been broken down, along with wind blown sand, and the path is being used by vehicles accessing the various breaks in the wall.

  2. This section of the route from Nets cafe up towards the Harp pub was being cleared today 9/12/13 by a CWAC Street Cleaning Team. A mini tractor front end loader was doing the bulk of the work with support of 3 or 4 staff. This was followed up by a mechanical road sweeper.
    An excellent job was being done and I expect the work to be finished by 4 pm.

  3. Another unfortunate downside of the bad wather is not just the difficult access, but you should be aware that “Nettie” from Nets cafe’s house was also caught up in the flood waters. They have moved out for a while so will need your support in the cafe now more than ever! So keep going..

  4. I got through and on skinny tyres late this afternoon (Sunday). It is a mess so take care and we are on to the authorities for clean up. At least it will slow cyclists down!!

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