Campaign Welcomes Tour of Britain to Chester

The Tour of Britain is coming to Chester this year! The Cycling Campaign hopes Chester cyclists will join them in cheering on the riders as they pass through the city on Wednesday, 11 September 2019.

The race route approaches the city via Liverpool Road. It then passes through the city via Countess Way, Deva Link Road, Sealand Road, New Crane Street, Nuns Road, and Grovesnor Bridge before heading out towards Wales along Hough Green and Saltney High Street. So there will be plenty of places to view the race, with Watergate likely to be a popular place to get an overhead view of the race as it comes up New Crane Street!

Click on the expanding map below to get a detailed overview of the route the race will take through the city.

Officially the Chester segment is part of Stage Five of the race.  Download the timetable below to get the approximate timings that the riders will pass down each street on the route, enabling you to make plans for the day.

Tour of Britain 2019 Stage 5 Timetable

Tour of Britain Route



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