Complete Library of Free Chester Cycle Route Maps

CWAC Cycle Route Map Network
CWAC Cycle Route Map Network

The Campaign is pleased to be able to offer a complete library of local cycle maps.  This library includes maps produced by the Chester Cycling Campaign, Cheshire West and Chester Council, Sustrans and Cheshire County Council.

All of these colourful and attractive maps can be downloaded using the links below. File sizes vary between 2 MB and 10 MB.

We suggest that if you are not familiar with Chester, you may wish to use the maps in conjunction with a good street map of the city.

Please note that not all of these maps were produced by the Chester Cycling Campaign.  We are making them available as digital downloads on behalf of  the organisations concerned, to whom any comments about the maps should be directed.

Happy cycling!

Sustrans Chester Millennium Greenway Map

Produced by Sustrans, this detailed map of the Greenway includes details of destinations, access points, and cafes. This latest updated map also shows distances between key points on the Greenway. 

Chester Millennium Greenway Map

Chester Cycle Route Tube Map

Produced by the University of Chester and the Chester Cycling Campaign, this map shows off-road, quiet and segregated cycle routes in and around the city. University of Chester students will find it particularly useful in planning journeys between University sites, including Thornton Science Park, Kingsway and the main Parkgate campus. There are broadly four types of routes detailed on the map: traffic free, segregated cycle paths, cycle routes on road and those for experienced cyclists only. Each type of route is colour coded for easy identification. 

Chester Cycle Network Tube Map

Chester Cycling Campaign Family Cycle Ride Route Maps

This series of maps has been produced by the Chester Cycling Campaign with all members of the family in mind. The routes use quiet lanes, established cycle routes and canal tow paths wherever possible, except for some occasional short sections on busier roads. All rides are between 7 and 20 miles in length, and are suitable for families with children either riding their own bikes or riding on a trailer bike. Some rides include short off-road sections. The directions for these rides also include a description of a minor road alternative.

Full details and a description of each route are available on this website under ‘Popular Routes’ on our home page.

Family Route 1 – Dodleston Doddle

Family Route 2 – Manley Meander

Family Route 3 – Hockenhull Hobble

Family Route 4 – River Dee Round

Family Route 5 – Capenhurst Caper

Family Route 6 – Backford Beat

Family Route 7 – Zoo Circular

Family Route 8 – Burton Warbler

Rail and Ride Route Maps

Using trains to travel to the start and from the finish points of your bike rides is a great way to explore lovely countryside further afield without resorting to the car. These leaflets, produced by the Chester Cycling Campaign, are part of a growing series of suggested rides incorporating a train journey to get to the start point. All local train companies will carry bikes free of charge, but some operators will only carry bikes free at off-peak times. Please check their web-sites for details.

Production of these leaflets has been funded by Cheshire East Council and the Mid Cheshire Community Rail Partnership.

Rail and Ride Route No 1 – The Jodrell Jaunt

This 20 mile long route starts at Lostock Gralam Station. It then passes Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre and follows attractive country lanes around Knutsford before finishing at Mobberley Station. The route follows quiet country lanes but does occasionally cross several busy main roads.

Rail and Ride Route No 2 – The Tatton Trail

This 20 mile long route follows quiet country lanes but crosses a few busy main roads. Starting at Northwich Station, the route goes near the famous Anderton Boat Lift, before going near Knutsford and through the picturesque Tatton Park, finishing at Mobberley Station.

Rail and Ride Route No 3 – The Ashley Amble

This route is 25 miles long and follows quiet country lanes and cyclepaths. Starting at Ashley Station the route passes through Dunham Massey and Tatton Park, following attractive country lanes and cyclepaths round to Knutsford. It finishes at Knutsford Station.

Neston Cycle Town Route Maps

Neston Cycle Town is a group of local people working together to support more cycling in and around the town. The group aims to encourage the many cyclists who use Neston as part of their regular rides to stop and sample its growing number of cycle-friendly cafés, pubs and restaurants.

Neston Circular Route 1

Cheshire West and Chester Council Active Travel Maps

This series of six maps has been produced by the iTravelSmart team. Each of these maps covers a particular part of the borough. The maps show suggested cycle routes, and give average travel times by bike between major destinations. Hard copies of the maps are available in local libraries and Visitor Information Centres.

Chester Business Park Active Travel Map

Chester City Centre Active Travel Map

Countess of Chester Active Travel Map

Deeside Industrial Park Active Travel Map

Ellesmere Port Active Travel Map

University of Chester Active Travel Map

Cheshire West and Chester Council Colour Coded Route Maps

The ten maps indicates some of the safest routes around the city and into the city centre from residential areas in and around Chester.  Each of the different coloured routes is signposted with colour coordinated signs along the route.  Below are details of each route with download links.

Black Route – Boughton Heath

Providing the villages of Boughton Heath and Huntington with a route through to Chester City Centre, the 2 ½ mile Black Route takes advantage of the canal tow path to lead riders into the city centre via Frodsham Street. The route passes by Christleton Road Shops, the Bishop’s Blue Coat School and Caldy Valley Nature Park.

Blue Route – City Centre

Providing a 2 ¾ mile circular loop around Chester City Centre, the predominately off road route is ideal as a leisure ride or a regular commuter route to work. Passing by Grosvenor Park, the River Dee, the Roman Walls, Chester Racecourse and the Shropshire Union Canal there are plenty of places to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Brown Route – Canal Towpath

The 8 mile Brown Route connects the villages of Waverton and Christleton with Chester City Centre and the University. Passing by some of the area’s key industrial and heritage features including the Victoria Mill in Waverton, the Lead Shot Tower, the Roman Walls, King Charles’ Tower, Watergate Tower, the Canal Basin providing an off-road route to the Zoo via the Pink Route at Caughall.

Green Route – Greenway

The 7 ½  mile Green Route runs between Mickle Trafford and Saughall. Most of the route follows the Greenway, an off-road route which continues past Saughall to Deeside and North Wales. The route passes Guilden Sutton, Newton, Hoole, Northgate Village, The University and Blacon.

Pink Route – Chester Zoo

The 3 ½ mile Pink Route provides a direct route from the city centre to Chester Zoo via Northgate Village, Newton and Upton. The route passes by the Northgate Arena, Northgate Ponds, Upton Library, Upton Heath Shops and near to Upton High School.

Purple Route – Westminster Park

Connecting Westminster Park and Lache with Chester City Centre, the 2 mile Purple Route takes advantage of the off road cycle path along Wrexham Road. The route to the city centre will take you across the Dukes Drive down through the village of Handbridge before heading over the Old Dee Bridge into Lower Bridge Street.

Scarlet Route – Hoole / Vicars Cross

The Scarlet Route links the city centre with Hoole (1 mile) and Vicars Cross (1 ¾ miles). The route takes advantage of the canal tow path, heading out past the Lead Shot Tower. As you leave the tow path at Hoole Lane Lock, follow the route left to Hoole Lane. The route splits here, follow the signs ahead for Hoole and to the right for Vicars Cross.

Silver Route – Blacon

Blacon is 2 miles from Chester City Centre. The Silver Route provides the Blacon area with routes to the city centre. The routes run from the shopping area on Blacon Avenue and from the library on Western Avenue using low traffic routes to the city centre, via the University campus on Cheyney Road.

Turquoise Route – Sealand Road

The 2 ½ mile Turquoise Route links the Greyhound Park with Blacon and the city centre (Northgate Street) via Sealand Road.  Excellent off road cycle paths along Sealand Road provide access to the Chester West Business Park, Sealand Road Industrial Estate and the Greyhound Retail Park.

White Route – Deva Link / Bache

The 2 ½ mile White Route provides excellent access to the retail and business parks located along Sealand Road for people living in the Upton, Newton and Bache areas. The route connects Blacon and the Bache areas to Chester Zoo via a combination of off-road and on-road cycle ways.

Cheshire West and Chester Council Bikeability Maps

This series of maps has been produced to support the Bikeability cycling proficiency scheme. Bikeability maps grade each street based upon an assessment of the cycling proficiency required to cycle safely along the road. Streets are then colour coded accordingly. These maps can be very useful for those who are just learning to cycle or who have returned to cycling after a number of years not cycling.

NOTE: These maps are very large files with a great level of detail. Therefore they may render slowly on low powered computers. The files sizes are indicated as a guide.

Chester Bikeability Map (25 MB)

Northwich and Winsford Bikeability Map (16 MB)

Ellesmere Port Bikeability Map (24 MB)

Sustrans Maps

Below is a selection of cycling maps for Chester and the surrounding area.

Sustrans Chester Local Travel Map

This excellent, detailed Sustrans map shows all cycle routes in and through the centre of Chester. It is colour coded, indicating both on-road and off-road, traffic-free routes in the city.

NCN 5 Chester to Connahs Quay Map

This is the official Sustrans map of the local section of National Cycle Network Route 5.

Cheshire County Council Route Map

Millennium Cycle Route Map

This somewhat outdated Cheshire County Council map shows the main NCN routes in and around Chester, including the Millennium Greenway.


  1. The Gold route for the Lache area is missing – any chance you can upload it? Thank you

    • Yes, we are aware that the gold map is missing. We have been trying unsuccessfully to get hold of a digital copy without success, as we would like to complete the collection.

      It seems that current council officers have no knowledge of where the digital original might be, and we have searched online to find it without success.

      Be sure to let us know if you ever manage to find a copy!

  2. I am not aware of any plans to extend the route beyond Mickle Trafford at present. To get further, I usually cycle down past Guilden Sutton to the A51. Then I ride along the pavement to the Stamford Bridge Inn. I turn left there and cycle up the lane to access points further east including Delamere Forest, Manley Mere, etc.

  3. Hi,My question is the same as Daves are there any plans to extend the greenway route beyond Mickle Trafford to Frodsham or further?

  4. Hi,My question is are there any plans to extend the greenway route beyond Mickle Trafford to Frodsham or further?

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